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Balloons in the Air Game

Balloons in the Air Game

What you need

  • Balloons (one per child)
  • Some wide open space (indoors), or
  • Outside, away from obstacles

Related info

Fun with balloons!  Keep them in the air as long as you can!  See who keeps one in the air the longest, or use a timer and count down from the target time.  Simple and fun!

Getting started

Inflate balloons, one per child.  Explain the rules of the game, including safety cautions.

How to play

On a signal to start, kids must keep their balloons in the air.  Last one whose balloon hits the ground wins.  Or, just allow kids to keep them aloft free-style, no rules. Except for safety cautions: don’t hit other kids, watch where you’re going, and stay within safe space.

For best results

  • Supervise kids at all times, and warn against safety concerns.
  • Have a phone ready to catch some great action photos.


Use a timer to issue a 5-minute countdown challenge.  Or, keep track of the longest times aloft.  Also, have kids work together as a team to keep one or more balloons in the air—and celebrate team best times.


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