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Cats and Dogs Game

Fun hide-and-seek game you can make yourself in minutes!  Hide two sets of four cards each (4 cats and 4 dogs).  When kids find a cat card, they signify by saying meow!  Find a dog card?  Start barking!

Getting started

Hide two sets of four (4) cards—Ace, 2, 3, and 4 of hearts (cats) and same ones of spades (dogs).  Or, print and cut out 4 Sam (dog) and 4 Kati (cat) cards to hide.  Hide so some portion of the card is visible.

How to play

Players “meow” when finding a cat card (hearts or Kati cat) or bark when finding a dog card (spades or Sam the dog).  First team to find all 4 of their cards gets to say “cats rule, dogs drool” (cats) or “dogs rule, cats drool” (dogs).  Winning team then helps find the remaining card(s).  If both teams find all of their own cards, they say, “Okay, play again another day.”

For best results

  • Only the “cats team” or “dogs team” are allowed to find cat or dog cards, respectively.  (If a team finds an opposite team’s card, they are to keep quiet until after they find all of their own.)
  • Hide cards so they are visible, not behind an obstruction.  At least the part must be visible that shows its type (cat or dog).
  • Tell players not to use their hands or touch anything until they find a card of the right type.


For a longer game or larger number of players/teams, use cards from all 4 suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs), OR, print the second set of cards with Mook and Sneaker.  Let kids choose their own sounds for Mook and Sneaker.

[Editor’s note: a version of the game appears briefly in an episode of the TV show, Murdoch Mysteries, which is set in Toronto in the late 1890s or early 1900s. Presumably, the game dates to this period.]


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