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Amazing Clue Hunt

clue hunt

What you need

  • Index cards
  • Pen or marker
  • Prizes or treats (optional)

Related info

In the book "Sam and the Amazing Clue Hunt!", Sam and his friends enjoy an exciting adventure following clues and completing challenges, all leading to fun prizes at the end.  Prepare your own amazing clue hunt at home and watch your kids get moving!

Getting started

Prepare the clue hunt by writing a series of clues on index cards (e.g., look under Daddy's pillow, look behind the toaster, look on the washing machine, etc.)  For variety, add a few games or challenges: build a tower of blocks taller than your sister, keep balloons in the air for 5 minutes, toss a ball in Sam's mouth to earn your next clue.  Once you have 15-20 clues, hide them as directed.  For a dramatic finish, make the final clues as puzzle pieces for the kids to assemble to discover the final hiding place.  Hide small prizes there.

How to play

Players start with the first clue, then follow them in sequence until they discover the last clue and the hiding place of the prizes—the exciting finish to an amazing clue hunt!

For best results

  • Make a list for yourself of all clue locations.
  • Arrange the clues such that the next one is far across the house.
  • Have an older child read the clues while younger ones take turns finding them.
  • For the ball-toss challenge, see the Sam Ball Toss game idea.


For one clue, ask kids to guess a number from 1 to 4 (or whatever number of players).  Then, tell them to look under a pre-defined object (couch cushion, pillow, dog bed, etc.)  Beforehand, place the next clue in one of those places (just remember where!).

Weather permitting, hide a few (or all) clues outside.

Hide seven (7) Easter eggs and have one of the clues tell them where to look.  (Optional: include a treat inside each egg.)


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