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Sam Ball Toss Game

ball toss

What you need

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Transform an ordinary box into a crowd-pleasing game!  Kids have fun feeding hungry Sam his favorite food: hamburgers!

Getting started

Print the “Sam open mouth” template (pdf) and tape or glue it on a cardboard box as shown.  Position Sam’s open mouth toward the center of the box. Cut the hole along the dotted lines to make a generous target.  Bend one flap to make the box stand at an angle (or prop up one end with an object, such as an empty tissue box).  Or cut a hole on top flap as shown, then hang vertically on a doorknob or at the top of a door.  Place a small rug or line of tape on the floor to mark the tossing distance.  Find a few balls or bean bags, and your kids are ready to “feed” Sam!

How to play

Players take turns tossing balls into Sam’s mouth.  Player with the highest total is the winner.

For best results

  • Print the Sam template in color on cardstock.
  • Use a wide, shallow box (like the one shown).
  • Define three age-appropriate toss distances and mark each on the floor.  Kids may start from the farthest distance, then move closer if needed.


Make two games and place them opposite each other.  Then play with cornhole game rules (using bean bags).


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