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Sam Fishing Game

Sam Fishing Game

What you need

  • Fish (pdf)
  • Paper clips (7)
  • Curtain rod or dowel
  • Magnet
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Related info

Fun fishing game you can make yourself in minutes!  Kids have fun catching fish... but don't catch the stinky fish!

Getting started

Print the “Sam fish” (pdf) and use scissors to cut out seven (7) fish.  Slide a paper clip onto each fish as shown.  Tie a string to the fishing rod, then tie or tape a magnet to the other end of the string.  Scatter fish face-down in a small area on the floor.  Go fish.  Just try not to catch stinky fish!

How to play

Players take turns catching the fish.  But when you catch stinky fish, your turn is over.  Player with the most (non-stinky) fish is the winner.

For best results

  • Print the fish on cardstock.
  • Use large paper clips.
  • Have kids sit in a "boat" (couch) with the fish in the "water" (floor).
  • Warn kids to be careful with the fishing rod. Anyone who swings it or hits someone loses turn.


Double the number of plain fish and play like musical chairs: Each player catches one fish.  Play continues until someone catches the stinky fish.


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