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Sam Tissue Boxes Game(s)

Sam Tissue Boxes Game

What you need

  • Tissue boxes (6 or more)
  • Large ball
  • Small stool or table (optional)

Related info

Recycle those empty tissue boxes!  Kids enjoy knocking them down, building tall towers, or just transforming themselves into robots!

Getting started

Save empty tissue boxes until you have at least six.  Then let the kids loose to use their imaginations!  Use a small stool or table to raise them off the ground for a carnival game.  Or arrange 10 bowling “pins” at the end of a hallway.

How to play

Players take turns knocking down boxes as in a carnival game, or toppling boxes arranged as bowling pins.  Kids may prefer to use the boxes to build tall towers (and then topple them).  Or, maybe just wear some boxes to transform themselves into robots!

For best results

  • Save as many empty boxes as possible (a dozen or more).
  • Let kids choose their own uses for the boxes.


Let the kids color or decorate the boxes before or after play.


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