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Zipline Snack Delivery System

Zipline Snack Delivery System

What you need

  • Toy construction set
  • String
  • Snacks

Related info

Snacks taste better when served in dramatic fashion on a zipline!  Make it yourself from a toy construction set in the attic.

Getting started

Make a zipline vehicle from a toy construction set.  The key is to find two grooved wheels that can spin on an axle and balance on a string.  The remaining cage can be constructed in almost any way, as long as it supports the two grooved wheels as shown.  Then tie a string to a high object at one end, run the length of a room avoiding any obstructions, then tie to a low object at the other end.  Hang the vehicle on the line and begin snack delivery!

How to play

Players take turns delivering snacks or other objects to each other.

For best results

  • Tie the higher end of the zipline as high as possible while allowing safe access to zip vehicle by kids.
  • Tie the lower end of the zipline to a fixed object at least a foot off the ground to allow room for the vehicle to stay off the ground.
  • Make sure the line is as tight as possible to prevent sagging.


Apply a propeller (if available) to the front of the zip vehicle to add a spinning effect.


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