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How Did PowerLogic Get its Name?

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PowerLogic trademark registration
PowerLogic trademark registration document

PowerLogic ad 1991
PowerLogic ad from 1991

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The PowerLogic trademark has been very successful for Square D and Schneider Electric.  However, it was not the first name the team considered!

Origin of the Name PowerLogic

The name PowerLogic was chosen because of its ties to two successful Square D trademarks at the time: PowerZone switchgear and Micrologic circuit breakers.  Ed Larsen, Power Breaker Program Manager at the time, had generated a list of hundreds of word combinations that he used when choosing the Micrologic name.  He gave the list to Bob Kennedy and Bob found PowerLogic on that list.  When the corporate attorney did the required trademark search, there was just one obstacle preventing its use.  The trademark was already owned—by Topaz, a subsidiary of Square D!  At the time, Topaz made small UPS and surge protectors, but the PowerLogic brand was not an important one for them.  Bob and the corporate attorney called the Topaz President and secured his permission to use the name PowerLogic for electronic power monitoring and control.  The mark was registered in the US in late 1990, and the company later applied for trademark protection globally as well.

The Road Not Taken

Final note: the name PowerLogic was almost not chosen!  Initially, Bob considered using “Sy/nergy” (pronounced like “synergy”) to bridge the company’s Sy/Max automation products and energy management.  Given the frequent mispronunciation (“Sigh-nergy”) and the future demise of the Sy/Max brand, the company was fortunate that PowerLogic was chosen and Sy/nergy the one "not taken."  And that has made all the difference!

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